The well known beach is Ritsa about 1 km west of the settlement, big beach with crystal clear waters and pebbles.

Kalamitsi is a picturesque beach located about 1,5 km from the settlement with pebbles and sand too. It has a crystal clear and blue green sea.

Foneas is located 2,5 km Southeast of Kardamyli, it is a very closed bay with pebbles and green “water”. It provides natural shade, and compensates the visitors with its morphology.

At the same location, further down you will find “Dolphins”, it is another big and popular beach with blue green waters, dark sand and pebbles.

Kalogria, further east, is one of the most popular beaches of the area. It is a closed bay with clear blue waters and thin sand.

Further down the big beach of Stoupa is located, stretching right in front of the main road, with thick sand.

At 10 km from Kardamyli and next to St. Nicolas, you will find Pantazis beach with thick, dark sand.

For the lovers of wild beauty, and prior to Trachyla, you will find Katafygio. An ideal place for diving and lying in the sun on its smooth rocks.


The magical beaches, its wild beauty as well as the rich legacy establish Polismata as one of the most ideal destinations. Here we present (set forth) to you only some of them. A walk to ancient Kardamyli and the cobblestone




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