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Une balade en bateau

Créez des expériences inoubliables en mer! En navigant, nous allons découvrir de nouveaux endroits et vivre de nouvelles expériences. Nous pouvons organiser une excursion en bateau pour faire de votre séjour à Kardamili une expérience inoubliable et unique – une ...

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SUP & Snorkeling

Paddleboarding, snorkeling and exploring. All parts of this exciting half-day trip at the coast of Mani Kardamyli is nestled between tranquil blue bays, dark cypresses and a sea of olive trees in south Peloponnese. On one side of the horizon ...

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Sea Kayak Kardamyli and Stoupa A inch by inch half day sea kayak exploration of the lacy coastline of the Mani Kardamyli and Stoupa two villages in the Mani nestled between the blue waters of the Messinian Gulf and Mount ...

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We inform you that our accommodation is fully compliant with the special health protocols content on which tourism businesses operate in the context of taking action against coronavirus COVID-19. All staff has received the necessary training for the observance of the health protocol. The property has received "Health First" certification.